Photo: Media Matters

Earlier this month, the Republican National Committee’s Director of Hispanic Media stepped down amid reports she was “uncomfortable” working for Donald Trump. This weekend, her successor spoke in no uncertain terms when asked if she, too, had trouble representing the party of Trump, proudly telling Telemundo that Hillary Clinton is bad.

Before becoming the RNC’s new Hispanic spokesperson, Helen Aguirre Ferré frequently wrote tweets criticizing Trump, according to Media Matters. When quizzed on the since-deleted tweets by Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart on Sunday, Aguirre Ferré managed to say “Republican” five times and “Hillary Clinton” twice while somehow failing to mention Donald Trump at all. From The Washington Post (emphasis added):

[Jose Diaz-Balart] also reminded her that she had deleted several tweets critical of Trump just before taking the RNC job. He asked: Does she have difficulty representing the GOP when Trump is the party’s standard-bearer?

“Look, the Republican Party and the work of the Republican National Committee is to represent the Republican Party, and we support all of our candidates and I’m proud to be a member of the Republican Party,” Aguirre Ferre said in Spanish. “There is little doubt that we’re united in defeating Hillary Clinton. And if I could say something, Jose: I haven’t done anything to eliminate what you could see in a tweet or email that you would have to see with national security clearance or less. That’s what Hillary Clinton did in the past – she’s under criminal investigation by the FBI. So, I think that you have to speak clearly about what unites us and clearly we are united to support all of the Republican candidates.”

When pressed, however, Aguirre Ferré admitted that Donald Trump was a Republican running for political office, and thus among the (presumably dozens of) candidates she was supporting this year.

“Yes, Trump is the presumed nominee for the Republican Party,” said Aguirre Ferré, according to the Post, before returning to a topic closer to her heart. “You’re going to see a strong force that gives him what he needs to defeat Hillary Clinton.”