John Glaude once weighed 360 lbs., but the 21-year-old went "from obese to beast" over 7 months of diet and exercise. Now he's down to a muscular 200 lbs., with a flat stomach and thick biceps, and he's a lot more comfortable with his body. Except for one thing.

In a new YouTube video, Glaude took off his shirt on camera for the first time, revealing the loose, sagging skin left behind by his rapid transformation. Even his buff arms and legs aren't immune.

"I'm comfortable clothed, but I'm not that comfortable unclothed," he explained, demonstrating how he feels more secure when he pulls his boxers up over what used to be his belly.

But he posted the video to start getting over that self-consciousness, and maybe inspire the people who've followed his journey to do so as well.

"You should never let loose skin stop you from going for your dream ... Loose skin and all, I am happy with where I have come from and where I'm at now. 'This is who I am and I'm proud of it."

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