A 16-year-old Baltimore girl thought she had found the perfect outfit for her school's Hollywood-themed prom last week, inspired by her idol Rihanna. She had a blast at the dance, but then the photos hit the Internet.

When Alexis Carter tweeted a photo of her low-cut green dress with wings, it quickly spawned the hashtag #PromBat, and Twitter united to Photoshop the hell out of her original post.

And then Rihanna herself made fun of the dress.

Ri-Ri took some time out of her busy schedule to tweet the above Instagram photo, with a frowny-face emoticon for extra rub-ins. She also posted this side-by-side of the #PromBat and the Wu-Tang logo:

The wealthy international celebrity spent the evening hanging out on the #PromBat hashtag, retweeting her favorite jokes about her teenage fan. (For the record, "The Dark Thot Rises" probably won.)

"I was very offended," Carter told Fox Baltimore. "Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn't."

"She don't love her fans like she says she does."

Alexis is still being mocked on Twitter 5 days later, but she seems happy to get some Twitter and Instagram followers out of the deal.

She says her outfit got a great reception at the dance—"Everybody was saying, 'Oh my god, I love it, it looks nice your body looks good it's different'"—and she'll probably wear something "different" again next year.

She's not going to forgive Rihanna any time soon, though. Her Twitter background is a photo of a grinning Chris Brown.

[Photo: Rihanna/Twitter]