Number One Proponent of Living Your Best Life Robyn Rihanna Fenty graced our nation's capital with her presence yesterday, and she paid a little visit to the White House, no big deal. While we don't have any photos of RiRi hanging with Obama—yet—she did post a bunch of her pretending to be Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Here's Olivia outside the White House. "CYRUS!!! LET ME IN!!" #DayAtTheWhiteHouse"

And here she is calling Fitz. "Fitz, darling..."

Press room shot. "#heyAbby"

And finally, here's the whole firm in the West Wing. "West Wing Posse!! We wanna be O.P.A. so bad!!! #DayAtTheWhiteHouse"

When Rihanna finally left the building, TMZ swarmed her and asked, what was your favorite part of the visit?

"My president being black," she responded.

Rihanna 2016.