Rick Scott, an intergalactic swamp wizard sent to Earth to reign over the humid plains of Florida, released an attack ad this afternoon against a constituent who yelled at him in a coffee shop.

This week, video surfaced of a Floridian named Cara Jennings berating Scott for his cuts to health services in the state, which, she said, left her and other workers without access to Obamacare. “You’re an asshole!” Jennings shouted at His Cosmic Highness in the video. At the time of this writing, the short clip has over 2 million views.

You’d think that Scott, being exalted royalty on his home planet Zorblart, could handle being called a few names, but apparently not. A new video published on his official YouTube channel today smears Jennings as an “anarchist” and a “former government official”—the second of these epithets considered a grievous insult in a state whose government is presided over by the former “Dark Prince of Galaxy X-2-GH7,” a “man” who has a laserdisc player for a heart and a barrel of industrial byproduct for a soul.

If you know why the army of newt slaves that act as Scott’s closest confidantes didn’t step in to advise him to keep his mouth shut, let us know in the comments.