Washington Post columnist and professional liar Jennifer Rubin is tethered to reality by only the lightest of threads, which is why she understands that recently indicted swaggering moron Rick Perry has never looked stronger as a presidential candidate.

Yes, it is true that many people have said that Perry did not deserve to be indicted because he was just acting like a normal politician acts (vindictive and self-serving). There is still the matter of him being a natural-born moron on matters both economic and social. And, probably, in all other fields. How much faith does anyone really have in this guy?

Don't answer that question—the answer is, "All of the faith in the whole wide world, if by 'anyone' you mean Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin." Rick Perry is "going a long way toward rebutting the notion that he is a swaggering, not very serious pol," Jennifer Rubin says. Not just by denying climate change and calling in soldiers to keep out the Mescans, but with two advanced political techniques:

Even before the spurious indictment, Perry, bespectacled and more sober than his 2012 incarnation, was already showing he was not the candidate who ran last time around.

Yes... he's bespectacled now! Plus, not drunk. Someone give that man the Presidency of the United States of America.

[Photo: AP]