Southerners love to kill shit — this is one of the reasons why we must preserve the Second Amendment. If you're a rich Southerner you might also want to kill shit that normal people can't kill: like, for instance, an endangered black rhino.

This weekend, the Dallas Safari Club — real name name, no gimmicks — auctioned off the opportunity to murder one of Earth's 5,000 living black rhinos for $350,000. Though this might seem distasteful to you, the Dallas Safari Club has a really good reason to kill this precious creature: one rhino must die for the rest of the rhinos to live!

This is the talking point for rich boutique hunters of this sort — or as leading journalist Lara Logan put it a few years ago, "Can hunting endangered animals save the species?" The Safari Club says that all of the proceeds will be donated to the Namibian government and earmarked for "conservation efforts." The thought of just donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect endangered animals has, of course, not yet crossed their mind.

Ben Carter, the executive director of the Safari Club, further justified the auction by saying that "in most cases, the animal is detrimental." He continued: "He's past his prime."

Say, what do you think is the age of a typical member of the Dallas Safari Club?

[image via Getty]