Just hold on, we're going to the hospital: every monied jerkoff under the sun was at the annual Art Basel confab in Miami this weekend, and it wasn't all bad sculptures and group sex. New reports say Diddy punched Drake in his beautiful face and sent him to the doctor last night.

Tweets from DJ Sam Sneak say Drake was not only pummeled into submission, but somehow managed to dislocate his shoulder, which is maybe the Drake-iest injury to sustain during a club brawl:

As the last tweet claims, the fight was not about formerly famous person and currently Diddy-boning singer Cassie—though other outlets are saying the dustup was Cassie-related. The New York Daily News says Diddy retaliated after Drake made "nasty" comments to Cassie—a fetish request perhaps? Jealous of Usher?

"Drake definitely got the s—t kicked out of him," says Bullet magazine editor Ray LeMoine who'd stopped by the club earlier, only to get a flurry of texts a short time later from friends who'd stayed behind. "I heard they were taking him to the hospital."

Lemoine, well-versed in high profile punchings, added that he "awoke to a flurry of text missives, some several paragraphs long, about a fight at LIV [nightclub]." The lessons here are: never say something nasty to another person, never cross Diddy, and definitely never go to Art Basel.

Photo of Drake and Diddy during happier times via Getty