Hey big boy. Nice watch. It’s very hot. Is it yours? That’s nice. It’s real, right? Rolex? Wow. That is really nice. I bet there are some big strong arms attached to those big strong wrists of yours. Really nice girth. Really, really nice. Anyway—wanna get out of here? Someplace we can be alone?

Rich men: Has this conversation happened to you? I know, I know—happens all the time. How could it not, with your firm wrists? But listen: that lady with her eye on your watch? Wanting sex with the ‘Lex? Getting ogly with the Rogley? Her intentions might not be as pure as you think.

According to DNAinfo, New York City cops are on the lookout for thieves who seduce men at nightclubs, slip them roofies, then make off with their Rolexes while they’re asleep. Damn. Don’t believe me? Maybe this cool man who was ripped off by two sexy babes last year can convince you:

Take the case of the 24-year-old Gramercy Park man who picked up two women at Tao on East 58th Street last June 1. He brought the duo to his apartment on E. 19th Street, where they headed into the shower together, emerged semi-naked and prepared a drink for him.

That was the last thing he remembered before he woke up in the morning with the girls missing — along with his iPhone, Apple laptop and Rolex.

And that was just one of two dozen similar cases reported last year. Damn!

Have another:

And then there was the 35-year-old man out clubbing last July 1. He met a woman at a bar who escorted him to the Marriott Hotel on Broadway.

Before he went to sleep, the “lucky” reveler put all his valuables in the room’s safe. But the following morning, when he woke up alone, he tried to open the safe, but could not. His guest had apparently watched him lock his property and memorized the secret code.

Security guards were needed to open the now-empty vault, which no longer had the victim’s credit cards and two luxury watches, including a Rolex worth tens of thousands of dollars.

What’s a hot money Rollie boy to do? Be careful, wrist man.

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