Rapper Rich Homie Quan, feeling some type of way, allegedly punched a security guard who wouldn't let him through the backdoor VIP entrance of a packed club early Monday morning, even though Quan is a rich millionaire, bitch.

"I'm a rich millionaire, bitch," Quan shouted, according to Christian Cajigas, a security guard at Miami Beach hotspot LIV, "I'm coming through these doors, I'm with Flo Rida."

Cajigas told police that when he told Quan to use the regular entrance for regular, non-rich millionaires, the rapper sucker punched him twice, breaking his nose and teeth. Another member of Quan's crew allegedly hit him in the back of the head.

"RHQ and his entourage crossed the street and boarded a speedboat and roared off," TMZ adds.

LIV has seemingly become the venue of choice for celebrity fights over the past year. It's the spot where Instagram's patron saint of overcompensation, Dan Bilzerian, kicked a woman in the head during Art Basel, and it's also where Diddy punched Drake over a beat.

Police told WSVN they'd like to speak to Quan about a possible battery charge.

[H/T Complex, Photo: Getty Images]