It was a classic American romance. A rich guy, a gorgeous woman, and the nagging persistence of condoms.

Their fateful paths crossed at an art gallery in 2012, a fortysomething Soho model named "Anonymous" and fiftysomething parking-garage magnate William Lerner. They were meant for each other, two humans who'd demonstrated their lasting significance in the modern world by separately looking pretty and owning the most car spots in the TriState area. He pursued her, slaking her affection with expensive dates and a trip to Aruba, according her lawyers. Their chemistry was fast and furious.

“We had fallen in love. It was a very serious relationship very quickly,” Anonymous told The Post.

But the only thing keeping their souls from truly intermingling, their love from fully blooming, their synapses from completely firing wasn't her UnGoogleable identity or his apparent marriage, but rather a thin layer of protection that divided their tender sexual organs in the most intimate of moments. To strengthen their bond, they removed that artificial wall and felt as one united organism under the sexy-time sky.

That was, until Anonymous came down with some nasty symptoms.

According to the New York Post:

She said her troubles began March 2012, when Lerner tricked her into thinking that he didn’t have any “health issues,” and the couple had unprotected sex for the first time.

Days later, the woman allegedly experienced a herpes outbreak.

A doctor informed her that she had recently been exposed, the papers allege, and the woman frantically contacted Lerner, who she said offered to pay an expected $700 in medical expenses. She soon ended the relationship.

And so the pristinely American love story of Anonymous and a Parking Magnate ends in the most American of ways—with a $5 million lawsuit over damages.

Is there no such thing as true love?

[NY Post / image not of "Anonymous" via Shutterstock]

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