Local college student Rachael Sacks enjoyed 15 minutes of fame earlier this year when she wrote an essay—telling jealous poors to "fuck off"—that was obnoxious even by Thought Catalog standards. Rachael Sacks would very much like to enjoy a 16th minute of fame.

Rachael displayed a surprising amount of grace after the New York Post plastered her on the cover after her little rich girl rant. But now, she is back with some media criticism: WHY DIDN'T EVERY STORY ABOUT RACHAEL POINT OUT THAT RACHAEL IS GAY??

In fact, I have Pride Flags hanging in the windows of my apartment. If the camera guys had panned upwards while taking my picture for the New York Post they would have been in the shot. My Facebook account also says "interested in women". Reporters were able to find my home on Google Earth yet they were unable to see my sexuality blatantly listed for the public to see? It doesn't add up.

While my sexuality is irrelevant to the topic of my article, it still is part of who I am and should not be ignored.

Uh. Okay.

It would look tacky to vilify me in the press in regards to my sexuality. Non normative sexuality has to be avoided completely as a topic of discussion because of all of the tragedies that have resulted from kids being bullied for being gay. Any discussion within the liberal media outlets such as the [New York] Post has to be supportive of the LGBT community.


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