John Lourenco, 53, appears to have been a part of an unprecedented number of arrests by Rhode Island police this month after he was cited with four DUIs in the space of 30 hours. Lourenco allegedly crashed four different vehicles while driving drunk, three into other vehicles and one into a tree.

According to the Providence Journal, he first crashed a Dodge pickup into an SUV, leaving two children riding in the backseat injured. Lourenco was then taken to the hospital, where he reportedly had to be placed in restraints after attempting to hurl a bottle of his own urine at hospital staff. He was released by police to his parents.

The next morning, at 7 a.m., the Journal reports, Lourenco crashed a Chevy sedan, later blowing a .220 on a breathalyzer test administered by police at the scene. After police charged him with drunk driving (again), he was released to his parents (again).

Just a few hours later, at 11 a.m., writes the Journal, Lourenco was pulled over by police for driving a Plymouth Barricuda erratically. He was taken to the hospital and completed a blood test before being released to the hospital staff's custody.

After leaving the hospital later that day, he got behind the wheel of his dump truck and crashed it into a tree. He was brought back to the hospital after sustaining minor injuries and completed another blood test.

The first three crashes occurred in Cumberland, RI, the final crash happening in Providence. Lourenco faces reckless driving, refusing a breathalyzer, driving under the influence, and no evidence of insurance charges. After being arraigned on the three Cumberland charges, the Journal reports, he was released on $25,000 bail. The Providence case will be adjudicated this week.

[H/T The Smoking Gun // Image via Shutterstock]