Did Bobby Flay cheat on his soon-to-be ex-wife Stephanie March? Someone really thinks so!

Flay and March are not having what one might call an “easy” divorce: Flay’s been accused of cheating on his wife with January Jones and an assistant and he also recently put his wife’s boob job on blast (and on the record) in a court hearing over her medical expenses.

But someone—March? A friend of March’s? A different friend of March’s?—is having a little fun with it.

Flay was being honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star Tuesday when the shadow of a plane suddenly loomed overhead. Its message quickly became clear in what the darker side of my personality hopes is just the start of a series of woman-scorned pranks:

During his speech, fans happened to take notice of the green prop plane flying overhead, which carried a banner that read “cheater.” An eyewitness says the plane appeared just as Flay took the stage and continued to circle the area until the cookbook author was finished speaking.

Here’s hoping these two crazy kids fight it out a little bit more before at some point, eventually, when it’s played out, amicably resolving their differences and walking away with some small shred of dignity like an adult.

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