Last week, Julie Bogen, social media editor at Refinery29 and resident of Washington Heights, spotted a rat carrying a slice of pizza in the subway. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s happened before, at a different subway station, and probably a different rat—pizza rat. Remember that?

“It’s happening again,” Bogen, who spoke to DNAinfo, recalled thinking. “Might as well jump on the bandwagon and relive the moment.” (We begrudgingly agree.) “They’re so committed,” she continued, “you just have to appreciate it.”

Last month, Gothamist reported on rumors that Pizza Rat (or at least some of the viral celebrity meme rats that followed) may have been a hoax. The rat in Bogen’s video is almost certainly real, but questions remain about whether that is actually a piece of pizza the rat is carrying—it seems awfully stiff.

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