Some people are noted for having a good deal of resilience—being able to deal with the traumas of life with equanimity and nobility, bouncing back ever stronger after tribulations. Yeah... more like they're a bunch of god damn junkies, according to science.

For too long, "resilient" people have been given all sorts of credit for their moral fiber and peerless character. Now it ends. Why, I'd be resilient too, if my brain was pumping me full of powerful happy drugs every time anything went wrong in my life. New research from scientists at the University of Michigan proves that emotionally resilient people are little more than a bunch of blissed-out hopheads. From Science Daily:

The findings, recently published in Molecular Psychiatry by a University of Michigan Medical School team, show that the brain's natural painkiller system responds to social rejection — not just physical injury.

What's more, people who score high on a personality trait called resilience — the ability to adjust to environmental change — had the highest amount of natural painkiller activation.

Something emotionally upsetting happens to them in life, and boom—they're instantly blasted full of painkillers. No wonder you're so "resilient." You're high as a kite. You disgust me.

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