Trey Radel is an affluent white male, former conservative talk show host, and current Republican congressman representing south Florida. He's a lifetime NRA member who wants to "Repeal Obamacare." He's also a big Public Enemy and Tupac fan. Huge.

This interview with Rep. Radel on Now This News is one of the most amazing political interviews we have heard, ever. Do the knowledge:

Trey Radel on Public Enemy

"The first [song that represents my views on Washington] that I would have to refer to would be 'Fight the Power,' by Public Enemy. This is a song that... if you really get down to it, reflects the conservative message of having a heavy handed federal government... Chuck D of Public Enemy and I may disagree on certain philosophies of government, but I think at the end of the day— and this is where I take my love of hip hop music— where there have been issues and problems with either heavy handed law enforcement... or heavy handed government itself."

Trey Radel on Making Hot Beats

"I really, really love a lot of, kinda what's happening in pop music today, with hip hop in particular, where it's like an electro, kinda house beat... I love beats like that, and so I love creating those kind of beats at home."

Trey Radel on Biggie vs. Pac

"Tupac was poetic. Tupac came out with a message... if you listen to his lyrics, there's some really serious, heavy stuff going on. To me, Tupac is what I'm going to be listening to in my car. Biggie is at the party."

Trey Radel on Florida Senator Marco Rubio's Relative Hip Hop Knowledge

"You throw me in a match in any old school hip hop, I'll kill him."

[Now This News via TB Times]