About 150 crocodilians were removed from a Toronto-area home last week after their owner reached out to a nearby reptile sanctuary for help with his bonkers hoarding problem, CBC News reports.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Bry Loyst, founder of Indian River Reptile Zoo, told CBC Radio on Thursday. “I could not believe that somebody had that many crocodilians and raised them to adulthood. These were not baby little crocodiles. They were adults.”

According to The Toronto Sun, it took more than 20 volunteers four days to relocate all of the alligators, crocodiles and caimans, which ranged from 4- to 11-feet long.

“We rented four 26 foot trucks and loaded a lot of them into sonotubes, which are concrete tubes, and blocked off the ends,” Loyst old Global News.

But while Loyst praised the owner for seeking help, the man who founded his own reptile zoo said he still doesn’t understand the gator gatherer’s obsession.

“Why he wanted that many animals is beyond me,” said Loyst.

[Image via YouTube]