A Secret Service officer was arrested today in Washington D.C., according to MSNBC and CNN.

U.S. Secret Service Spokesman Brian Leary told CNN that "an off duty USSS Uniformed Division Officer assigned to Foreign Missions Branch was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C."

It’s not clear yet why the officer was arrested, though in the past month two Secret Service agents have been accused of drunk driving and a Secret Service supervisor was suspended for allegedly sexually assaulting a co-worker.

UPDATE 5:28 pm: The Washington Post reports that the officer was charged with trying to break into his ex-girlfriends apartment. From the Post:

Arthur E. Baldwin, 29, was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary and destruction of property. According to D.C. Superior Court charging documents, police arrived at the scene of the apartment in the 3200 block of D Street SE and noticed the front door with dents, broken hinges and a boot print on the door. Also, two of the windows to the apartment were shattered.

When police arrived at the apartment, the woman, who, according to the report, was crying, shaking and “appeared to be in fear of her life” told officers that her ex boyfriend wouldn’t “leave me alone.”

[Image via AP]