Screencap: KDFW

According to Dallas Police, at least five officers are dead and six more have been injured after a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas Thursday night. Authorities say two suspects are in custody.

Videos from the scene record a succession of loud bangs and show at least two individuals lying in the street.

At a press conference Thursday night, police said that they have confined one suspect to a parking garage and are currently negotiating. WFAA-TV’s Jason Whitely reports that the Homeland Security has arrived on the scene.

UPDATE 11:55 P.M.: Dallas Police say an 11th officer has been shot while exchanging gunfire with a suspect.

UPDATE 12:10 A.M.: Dallas Police have released photos of a “person of interest” and are asking for the public to help locate him.

UPDATE 12:17 A.M.: Police say a fourth officer has died.

UPDATE 12:25 A.M.: Footage from the moment the shooting began appears to show the Dallas Police’s “person of interest” on the ground and away from the scene of the shots.

UPDATE 12:36 A.M.: Authorities say they have apprehended a suspect after a shootout and are currently investigating a “suspicious package” found near the scene. Another man whose photo was circulated by Dallas Police as a “person of interest” has reportedly turned himself in.

UPDATE 1:01 A.M.: According the brother of the Dallas Police’s “person of interest,” both are currently at a police station in Dallas and have nothing to do with the shooting.

UPDATE 2:10 A.M.: During what authorities said was likely to be their final press conference of the evening, Dallas Police said they have been exchanging gunfire with the suspect in the parking garage for 45 minutes while attempting to negotiate. According to police, the suspect said that “the end is coming,” he will “hurt and kill more” officers and that there are “bombs all over the place.”

Additionally, authorities said they have two other suspects in custody after stopping them in traffic, one of whom was a woman who was spotted near the parking garage earlier in the evening. However, police said they “do not have a complete comfort level” that they have identified all the suspects.

When asked about a possible motive, authorities said the suspects in custody were not cooperating.

UPDATE 3:15 A.M.: Police say a fifth officer has died.