Days after a reporter at The Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote an article wondering aloud who his own boss was, the owner of Nevada’s largest newspaper remains a loud, glaring question mark.

The paper was recently bought for $140 million—an extraordinary sum for an outlet of its size. What’s more, the newspaper’s publisher quietly removed quotes from an article about the sale and the new owner’s anonymity, and even told reporters not to worry about the identity of the owner.

On Monday, several reporters at the newspaper sent out tweets and photos in protest of the secrecy, pointing out that the company’s own code of ethics demands that employees “Be accountable and transparent.”

Several guesses have been floated, the best of which may be Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire owner of the Venetian casino and a major donor to conservative super-PACs. But no one has been named for sure yet—and inquiring minds need to know.

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