National guardsmen and police officers mill around Tampa before the 2012 RNC. Image: Getty

Journalists traveling to Cleveland and Philadelphia to cover the Republican and Democratic National Conventions will be just fine, totally safe and sound, really, thanks to extra security measures their employers are taking this year, Politico reports.

Sources at news organizations such as the New York Times, ABC, and CNN told Politico their reporters are receiving security or civil unrest training aimed at keeping them safe at the conventions. It is widely assumed that the RNC in particular, what with Donald Trump and his violent supporters and violent protesters, will be the site of intense unrest. “I wouldn’t say I’m nervous,” said one anonymous reporter, despite “an assembly of potential anarchists, the Westboro Baptist Church, white supremacists, Latino activists and pro-Trump forces which could be a much more volatile mix.”

Those of us at Gawker who are covering the conventions have not received any special security training, and will likely be running around like the idiots we are, hoping to avoid being hurt or arrested, and god willing, find a good story or two along the way. We’ll be fine. Really.