An alleged informant against former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle gave her first public interview on Thursday, telling ABC News the entire process took 10 years, including four-and-half years wearing a wire for the FBI.

“That was my biggest question, ‘Why was it taking so long?’” journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond told ABC affiliate WWSB. “A case of this size just happens to take that long, and that’s what I was told.”

Speaking anonymously with the station in July, Herman-Walrond previously said she approached authorities after Fogle repeatedly told her “middle school girls are hot.”

Herman-Walrond said she believes Fogle’s total number of victims is greater than the 14 he was charged with exploiting, as the disgraced pitchman told her about numerous relations with minors in the United States, on international tours and in Thailand.

Asked what Jared Fogle is to her, Herman-Walrond said, “Is a monster. He’s a monster.”

[Image via AP Images]