Sam Rubin, one of the morning anchors at KTLA 5 in Los Angeles, was in the middle of a self-deprecating story about the time his wife asked him, "When did you become the fat one on that show?" when a reporter had to cut in to deliver a breaking totally sick burn.

"He's always been!" Ginger Chan blurted from the traffic center, not realizing her mic was still on. The live broadcast cut to Chan's shocked face as it dawned on her that Rubin, their coworkers, and a whole bunch of viewers had just heard her developing story about that dude having been fat forever.

Rubin, who is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery, wrote on his Facebook page that the whole thing was a"very honest; and very funny moment." The two hugged it out, and Rubin wrote a thinkpiece about the whole thing for Medium.

[h/t Mirror]