A decade from now, you will look back on the crowded, expensive, unforgiving urban landscape of New York City today and wish that life was still so cheap and spacious.

Bloomberg has released a list of what cities around the world are projected to be the most crowded in the year 2025. Let me go on the record as saying that while their methodology appears to be wholly sober, I cannot personally vouch for their findings, mostly because I find any list of cities in which New York City ranks 30th to be inherently distasteful.

Bloomberg projects that in 2025—while NYC will still sit aside Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo as the only 20 million+ population megacities—the title of "densest city by population per square mile" will leave NYC behind even such distinctly second-class cities as Toronto and Miami. These ratings in fact project that Lost Angeles will have a higher population density than NYC, which makes me question what sort of wacky map they are using to calculate these things. Still, for your information, the densest cities in the world a decade from now are projected to be:

1. Hong Kong (projected to be twice as dense as the second place city)

2. Salvador, Brazil

3. Mexico City

4. Sao Paulo

5. Singapore

I bet you can't get a decent slice of pizza in any of them.

[Photo: Flickr]