A new Homeland Security report cites nearly a dozen "factors" that allowed intruder Omar Jose Gonzalez to break into the White House this September, ranging from malfunctioning radios to a mistaken belief by Secret Service agents that White House bushes "were an impassable barrier."

An official summary of the report, published by The Washington Post Thursday night, begins by outlining the Secret Service's failures to act on pre-incident intelligence, starting with a July search of Gonzalez's car that turned up eleven firearms and "a map of Washington D.C. with the White House and two other sites highlighted."

The document goes on to detail an impressive series of blunders made by White House security on the day of the incident, including:

  • An agent who took out his earpiece to make a personal call at the time of the intrusion.
  • An erroneous belief that doors within the White House were locked.
  • A number of officers threatening Gonzalez with deadly force and then failing to fire when he ignored their commands to stop.

In October, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned from her position after an 18-month tenure characterizing chiefly by its impressive number of a complete fuck-ups.

[Image via AP Images]