According to the Sunday Mirror, Chester Hanks, the slightly-less-beloved son of beloved actor Tom Hanks, is wanted by police in Britain after losing his shit and causing more than $1800 in damage to a hotel room near Gatwick Airport, 28 miles south of London.

A police spokesperson confirmed that a 24-year-old American is wanted for questioning over the incident, but did not name the suspect.

Citing an (honestly pretty sketchy-sounding) anonymous source, the paper reports that Chet arrived at the hotel with three women after an embarrassing club visit where he repeatedly asked, “Do you know who I am?” and “nobody recognized him.” From the Mirror:

“He asked the girls if they would join him in the bed, but they are not like that. So he started screaming and making a right noise. He saw some sprinkled make-up called banana powder and started asking ‘who’s got the coke?’ But nobody did drugs there.

“Then he started shouting that he was not going to share it with another man.”

Angry airline pilots staying at the hotel complained about the noise before a receptionist went up to the room to plead with Hanks to keep quiet.

The source added: “Then all you could hear was this smashing and crashing. Next morning he was gone but the room was trashed. Everything was smashed and there was glass all over the floor.”

In a text to the Mirror, Chet reportedly refuted the account as “a slanderous bold-faced lie” and threatened the paper with legal action.

[Image via AP Images]