It just keeps going. Page Six is reporting that there's "15 to 20 more minutes" of Justin Bieber slinging racial slurs—that's in addition to the two clips that surfaced this week of a 14-or-15-year-old Biebs.

According to Page Six's source:

But a source tells us that further footage "explicitly shows this was more than just one regrettable joke."

The source added Bieber is shown making cracks about "black people liking watermelon" and asking a friend whether "his parents are as black as [rapper] Akon."

Apparently, the "jokes" we've seen so far are from the same sad footage, which Page Six previously reported was cut from the filming of Bieber's 2011 movie Never Say Never. The source goes on: "This is all the same footage someone had been trying to blackmail Justin over for years. It was made when he was 14 or 15. At the time, he realized it was wrong and went to Usher and Will Smith, who helped educate him. He's now a 20-year-old who's taken responsibility."

Indeed, Biebs' team issued an apology Sunday. They probably want to keep that Word doc open.

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