Teresa Giudice's sad last Christmas before prison is now fully depressing. According to a report from Radar, the feds raided Tree's house this week, taking "plasma televisions, expensive jewelry, cash, and even the kids' Christmas presents" because the Giudices failed to set up a restitution payment plan.

Update, 5:30 pm: A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office in the District of New Jersey told the Huffington Post that deputies did not raid the Giudices' home. Matt Reilly explained: "We didn't undertake any action like that. There seems to be a lot of specific detail in [the articles]. If there was going to be something like that, our office would be involved. It just didn't happen." A rep for Giudice previously denied the story, claiming "there is no truth to this rumor."

According to Radar's "insider," "Teresa was home and was absolutely stunned by the raid. She had no clue they were coming. She was absolutely hysterical, and begging them not to take the girls' Christmas presents." The source also claimed, "A large amount of cash was found in the wine cellar."

But looks like this crazy raid didn't happen, and the Giudice gals will be able to have Christmas after all. Celebrate by watching this cool video eldest daughter Gia made with her friends.

Teresa heads to prison for bankruptcy, wire, and mail fraud on January 5.

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