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The Huffington Post has a story (currently their big, screaming, front page top story, in fact) on an upcoming Sony Pictures film that opens later this month. The film is a comedy, and it features, they say, a rude joke about Donald Trump. An exceptionally rude joke, that is also so, so funny, according to everyone who has seen the picture. Boy, it’s a good joke, you’d love it.

But top film executives do not love it, the Huffington Post tells us. They are panicked, apparently, about this joke, according to “industry sources.” They’re so panicked that they’re refusing even to market this film! (I have seen dozens of advertisements for this film, and its star was an Oscars presenter last weekend.)

These executives “are nervous about angering the famously vengeful and litigious Trump, compounded by the possibility of getting on the wrong side of the possible next president.” They have tried to silence the filmmakers, even, by asking them to cut the joke.

It’s such a good joke, though. “The Daily Telegraph reported that the Trump moment was met with ‘loud cheering.’ The Metro newspaper called it a ‘massive cheer.’” This joke, the Huffington Post tells us, “is proving cathartic to overseas audiences terrified by Trump’s rise.”

Another (unnamed) source has a slightly different take on what is happening:

One industry source said conversely that the claims of a trembling studio are a “stunt” to gin up more publicity.

According to some sources, Sony is worried that their upcoming film, which happens to feature a mean joke about an avowed enemy of the Huffington Post, might be too funny, and too mean to that person you hate. Other sources say Sony is currently promoting this film.

Who’s right? We may never know.

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