According to court documents, Terrence Howard threatened to kill both himself and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent during an argument last April. Several days later, the documents allege Howard sent a series of increasingly bizarre text messages to Ghent, including one in which he promised to "become Satan Himself" and to "destroy mankind."

The first incident reportedly took place on April 23 in Toronto, during what was supposed to be a reconciliation attempt with Ghent. According to the court documents, which were obtained by the New York Daily News, the argument began when Ghent confronted Howard about the phone numbers of six woman she found in his bag. Howard initially denied knowing about the numbers, but reportedly became violent when Ghent dialed one and placed the call on speaker phone.

Ghent said Howard then threw her computer out a window before body slamming her to the ground twice. He then threatened to kill himself, according to the documents.

“He grabbed an X-Acto blade and put it to his wrist as if to cut himself,” her filing states. He then reached for the “belt on his robe and displayed attempts to hang himself.”

“I’m just thinking if I should kill you first before killing me,” he purportedly said.

“If this is goodbye, then I hate everything and will now use my gifts to destroy mankind,” an April 27 text attributed to Howard reads. “I will become Satan Himself! You were my last chance to love. I will now Hate in all things and seek my vengeance upon Humanity for all the wrongs ever done to me!! You just killed the last grain of light within me. Now the darkness has begun! I hate all things because of you! The Antichrist is Here!”

The documents were part of a restraining order Ghent filed against Howard last month, alleging that he beat her during a vacation to Costa Rica. Ghent's allegations marked the sixth time Howard has been accused of beating up a woman.

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