Last night, the investigation of Russian opposition leader Boris Y. Nemtsov's murder took another bizarre turn when one of six men believed to be connected to the crime "blew himself up" during a standoff with police.

According to Interfax, a law enforcement source says the man "threw one grenade at police and blew himself up with another" after authorities surrounded his Grozny apartment on Saturday.

Five other suspects were arraigned in a Moscow court today for the assassination, including the two men detained by police yesterday, one of whom is now said to have served as a law enforcement officer fighting Islamic insurgents. All five are reportedly Chechen.

The BBC reports that the two suspects detained yesterday, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev, have been charged with murder. According to Judge Natalia Mushnikova, Dadayev admitted his involvement in the crime.

Since his murder last month, colleagues of Nemtsov have suggested Putin's government was connected to the assassination. Before his death, Nemtsov reportedly planned to publish evidence showing Russian military involvement in Ukraine.

[Image via AP Images]