Screencap: YouTube

Earlier this week, GOP delegates came together to declare pornography a “public health crisis” and life-destroying “menace.” In unrelated news, and according to data from popular adult website xHamster, red states can’t stop searching for cuckold porn.

Image: xHamster

For those unfamiliar, a cuckold or “cuck” is, in its simplest form, a man whose wife is cheating on him. There are, however, heavy racial connotations to the term, with the “cuck” often portrayed as a weak white man surrendering his wife to a stronger, more powerful black man. The term has since been co-opted by the alt-right movement as a blanket insult for less overtly racist Republicans and RINOs, otherwise known as “cuckservatives.”

Yet despite their distaste for the cuck cowards of the world, for some reason, it really gets Republicans off. According to xHamster, “Of all the [red] states, the most viewed categories were “Cuckold” and “Mature.”

So remember, as Jesus said: Judge not lest ye be cucked.