According to NBC News, Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal will be making “a major announcement” about his 2016 plans later this month. Which—barring an declaration that he seeks to abolish the federal government and name himself Jindalator Supreme—means that he, too, is likely running for president.


In a field of Republican presidential candidates that already looks like a particularly gritty Munsters reboot, Jindal has the unique distinction of being even less popular in his home state than crypto-Marxist-in-chief Barack Obama.

Still, Louisiana’s post-modern joke of an executive will be going up against a doomsday cultist, a FEMA death camp researcher and a guy who spent $82,000 on snacks and jerseys. So maybe he still has a shot, right? From CNN:

A CNN/ORC International survey released Tuesday shows that Jindal is polling at 1% nationally.

Oh, damn. That’s just—that’s rough, guy.

[Image via Getty Images]