Common sense dictates that, if you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to stop giving Trump money. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the good business sense that if people can’t stop giving you money, you will make more of it.

A Mic investigation published on Thursday reveals that there’s no easy option on Trump’s website for discontinuing monthly contributions to his campaign or removing one’s credit card information. The only obvious choice the reluctant Trump donor currently has is to swap one credit card number for another.

Mic’s investigation was spurred by a tweeted letter from CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond to the Trump campaign. The letter requested that his recurring donations to the Trump campaign be discontinued and complained that there was seemingly no way to do so online.

Mic also found that Clinton’s campaign site features a button called “Remove Card.” If you click it, your credit cad information is removed from the site and your donations to the campaign are immediately stopped.

Mic’s investigation was published one day after the New York Times reported that Trump’s campaign contributions for July had almost pulled even with Hillary Clinton’s. According to figures release by the Trump campaign, Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $64 million in July from digital and mail fundraising, most of it in small donations. Trump raised a total of $82 million in July, nearly as much as Clinton’s $90 million.