New York City mayor Bill de Blasio continued his largely successful quest to lose the hearts and minds of his citizens Saturday when he arrived half-an-hour late to a St. Patrick's Day parade, blaming a dumb education meeting for his unabashed tardiness.

But his apparent inability to show up on time to ceremonial events has caused him trouble in the past, and the Rockaway St. Patrick's Day parade was no exception, reports the New York Post:

"Out here we have a name for him: de Assio," said Carol Jones, 63, a lifetime resident of Rockaway Park.

When Hizzoner finally arrived and waltzed into the procession at 116th Street — missing half of the 28-block parade route — he was greeted with chants of "Worst mayor ever! Worst mayor ever!"

"He's always late," said long-time Rockaways resident Mike Murphy. "It's very disrespectful, not only to the Irish but to everyone in Rockaway."

And the Daily News:

"It's a disgrace," said O'Hare, 55. "That's ridiculous....He ran knowing what the job was. Who is he? He works for us, we don't work for him."

"He dissed us at the opening of the parade," said Berger, 60, who voted for de Blasio. "I'm getting the heavy-duty feeling that because of this sort of thing, he's definitely going to be a one-term mayor."

Or—as the AP politely puts it, "Some paradegoers called de Blasio's tardiness disrespectful."

It's very disrespectful, not only to the Irish but to everyone in Rockaway.

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