According to the New York Daily News, police now believe Citigroup banker Shawn Miller may have slit his own throat after a night of meth-fueled partying with a man he'd recently met on

Miller was found dead with his throat cut from "ear to ear" in his bathtub Tuesday afternoon by his apartment building's doorman, who told police he let himself into the apartment at the request of Miller's concerned boyfriend. Initial reports said that no weapon was recovered at the scene, though the Daily News later reported that a knife was discovered beneath Miller's body, "leading [police] to believe he slashed his own throat and collapsed into the tub on top of the weapon."

Police also reportedly found evidence of drug use—including a small stash of crystal meth—in Miller's apartment.

Other details about Miller's final days have also emerged. Both the Daily News and the New York Post report that Miller was seen on surveillance camera entering his apartment building Monday evening with another man. That man, who remains unidentified, is later seen leaving the building alone. The Daily News, which is reporting that Miller met the man on, also claims that the two men were witnessed arguing in the elevator.

From the Daily News:

The man who Miller was arguing with in the elevator apparently left the banker's apartment late Sunday or early Monday, sources. Miller called down to the lobby and asked the doorman not to allow the man back into the building, according to sources.

Detectives found no evidence the man returned to the building and there was no sign of a break-in or struggle in Miller's apartment, sources said.

Records showed that at least two 911 calls were made from Miller's apartment since Monday. The caller, believed to be Miller, complained about someone outside his building stalking him, sources said.

Citigroup, where Miller worked as managing director of the environmental and social risk management team, released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they were "deeply saddened by this news and [that their] thoughts are with Shawn's family at this time."