A total of eight women, including Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, have come forward to the Toronto Star with detailed stories of escalating violence and sexual harassment at the hands of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi.

Ghomeshi was fired from his immensely popular radio show, Q, earlier this week when the allegations first surfaced. At the time, he claimed the allegations were made by a jealous ex-girlfriend trying to vilify his consensual BDSM lifestyle.

Now, eight women have come forward, describing strikingly similar stories about Ghomeshi's M.O.—they'd meet Ghomeshi, he'd suddenly—and without warning—attack them, and then he'd act as if nothing had happened.

One of the new women to come forward is a woman in her mid-20s who was a CBC producer in Montreal who dreamed of being on Q. He met her at one of his book signings. Ghomeshi allegedly took her to his hotel room, threw her against the wall and was very "forceful" with her. She said she performed oral sex "to get out of there."

In 2005, Ghomeshi, then 38, was at a Toronto music and dance event in a park in Toronto. He ran into a woman he knew from the arts and culture scene. The woman, 34, had gone on a few dates with Ghomeshi but they had never been intimate. They went for a walk when the event was over and, according to the woman, Ghomeshi attacked her while they were sitting on a bench. He began kissing her forcefully and then "put his hands around my neck and choked me."

"He smothered me," she said. She alleges Ghomeshi then grabbed her arms hard and "bit" her, then pushed her down on the park bench and "groped" her.

[In 2012] Ghomeshi invited [a fan] to visit him in Toronto at his house in Cabbagetown, she says, and she did.

When she arrived at his house and greeted him, she says Ghomeshi answered the door and stared at her. Without speaking, she alleges that he threw her against the wall and demanded that she get on her knees and perform fellatio. She alleges that when she kneeled down he struck her repeatedly about the head, "hard enough that (her) vision was blurred."

She says he took his belt off, tied it tight around her neck, "yanked" it, and led her around by the belt. They had intercourse, she said, and during it she alleges he whipped her back with his belt and hit her about the head. She alleges he put his full body weight on her face during fellatio, to the point where she gagged, couldn't breathe, and felt she would vomit. A subsequent encounter, she alleges, left her with deep bruising on her body.

She alleges that when she later confronted Ghomeshi and showed him pictures of her bruising, he told her that he found her bruises to be "hot."

Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, who dated Ghomeshi in 2003, was the only woman who agreed to be identified in the article. She told the paper they had dinner together, where he told her how famous he was and "how lucky" she was to be with him. When they went back to his home, DeCoutere says he "pushed her against the wall, choked her with his hands around her neck and then slapped her three times."

Other women have already described similar attacks and sexual harassment in their encounters with Ghomeshi.

But the creepiest detail by far in a story overflowing with disturbing allegations was corroborated by two women who claim they were attacked while visiting Ghomeshi's home:

Two of the women who allege they were physically assaulted also say that before the alleged assaults in his home he introduced them to Big Ears Teddy, a stuffed bear, and he turned the bear around just before he slapped or choked them, saying that "Big Ears Teddy shouldn't see this."

A Twitter account for @bigearsteddy began tweeting at Ghomeshi in April.

[h/t The Toronto Star, image via AP]