Dan Bilzerian, the rich asshole whose popular Instagram account exemplifies the version of the American dream where Lady Liberty has immense fake tits and a thongload of cash, spent the weekend partying in Miami at Art Basel. This is what rich assholes do. But, as it sometimes does, Bilzerian's partying ended with a woman accidentally getting hurt.

The "King of Instagram" was banned from Miami Beach fight club/party spot LIV—also the site of Diddy's alleged ferocious beating of Drake this weekend—after he attempted to pull a woman onto the stage and ended up kicking another woman in the face, TMZ reports.

No one disputes that a woman got hit in the face, but Bilzerian's version of the story is dramatically different than the victim's. He told The Dirty that the injury happened when two women were fighting over him. Of course.

Her version, also according to The Dirty, is that he shoved her down and kicked her while she was trying to break up a fight, and that she's considering suing him over her injuries, which include "bleeding from my eye."

Bilzerian either left the club before the cops showed up (per TMZ) or flashed them a police badge to make them go away (per The Dirty). Either way, he doesn't appear to be facing charges.

[h/t TMZ, Photo: Instagram]