Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo's 17-year-old nephew has, according to TMZ, reportedly told police that he was forced to pull a gun on his aunt after she allegedly became belligerent and started attacking him in his Seattle-area home. According to the nephew, Solo call him a "pussy" after he called his mother to tell her that Solo was there, apparently drunk. Solo was arrested by police Sunday on domestic violence charges.

The nephew attempted to retreat to another room in his house. "I then told her to get her cunt face out of my house," he told police. That's when Solo allegedly started attacking him, pulling his hair and punching him.

"I then went into a back room and got an old gun that does not work, pointed it at her and she kept coming at me," the nephew said to police. "She didn't leave but walked around me cornering me like a shark."

According to the boy's mother and Solo's sister, the gun he pointed was actually a BB gun. Solo apparently left the house after her nephew called police, but tried to re-enter the home, which is when she allegedly attacked her sister. The nephew claims he had to hit his attacking aunt in the head with a broomstick to try and keep her away.

Solo was released from jail today and has pled not guilty to the domestic violence charges. Her lawyer claims that she was a victim in the attack.

[Image via AP]