The details surrounding TLC's cancelation of Honey Boo Boo only get sadder. TMZ reports today that Mama June never got over her convicted child molester boyfriend Mark McDaniel, even though the child he abused 10 years ago was her own daughter. TMZ says Mama June started seeing McDaniel again recently while she was still with Honey Boo Boo's dad, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson.

Per TMZ:

Multiple family sources tell TMZ ... June kept a box of photos of her and McDaniel in the house ... something Sugar Bear knew about and protested, to no avail. She would NOT get rid of them.

We're told McDaniel—who molested June's then 8-year-old daughter Anna—was the subject of frequent arguments between June and Sugar Bear. He felt she was still emotionally in a relationship with McDaniel ... even though he had been locked up for years.

Our sources say June was seeing McDaniel while she was still with Sugar Bear—he got out of prison in March. The family now believes it was actually June who was cheating, not Sugar Bear, and she used the online dating story to get out of a relationship she had already rejected.

In a joint statement released September 19, Mama June and Sugar Bear announced they were taking some time apart. At the time, the rumor was that Sugar Bear was looking for other women online.

As evidence that the online dating rumor had little to do with the split, TMZ posted a photo today taken September 9 of McDaniel, Mama June, and Honey Boo Boo hanging out together.

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