The New Mexico Medical Board has suspended Dr. Christopher S. Driskill, calling the doctor "a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety." The doctor is accused of frequently being drunk at work and having inappropriate relationships with patients, apparently once leaving a woman giving birth "unattended" while he had sex with another patient.

According to the board's public suspension notice, the obstetrician and gynecologist faces 11 charges of misconduct. Driskill, 42, apparently—"on a multitude of occasions within the past few years"—admitted woman in labor to Lea Regional Medical Center in Hobbs, NM but was later nowhere to be found during delivery. The remaining counts from the Albuquerque Journal:

Driskill is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with several of his patients, including some who were employees of his former medical practice, Premier Ob/Gyn of Hobbs, or the Lea Regional Medical Center, which is next door.

He allegedly prescribed a controlled substance, Alprazolam, to one of the patients without maintaining proper medical records.

The board alleged Driskill was "under the influence of alcohol" during work hours and while he was on call at the hospital, and that he maintained a "personal cache" of alcohol in his office at Premier, where he no longer works.

Among other allegations, Driskill is alleged to have entered "inappropriate notations of a personal nature into certain patient medical charts," and performed a pelvic exam on a patient without a chaperone after informing the patient that one would be present.

"Your sexual relationships and abuse of alcohol have negatively affected your practice of medicine," the board wrote in their suspension notice. Ironically, Driskill had just been elected president of the New Mexico Medical Society and was scheduled to start heading the group in May.

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