According to the private investigator allegedly hired to spy on David Miscavige's elderly father, the petite Scientologist even went so far as to hire fake friends for the suppressive 70-year-old.

Via the New York Daily News, Miscavige was apparently motivated by worries that the old man might do something rash—like criticize Scientology—after he was kicked out of the church:

Florida gumshoe Dwayne Powell, 42, told Wisconsin cops he also had orders to recruit fake friends for the 70-something church elder who left the secretive religion on bad terms, police documents obtained by the Daily News reveal.

Powell told West Allis Police that his employers wanted the bogus buddies to secretly infiltrate the personal lives of Ronald Miscavige Sr. and his wife Becky to gain their trust and provide intelligence.

Always nice to see a kid go above and beyond to give back to his parents!

[image via AP]

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