Forensic evidence from the D.C. mansion where the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were tortured and killed last month suggests the intruders used a lot of duct tape and a sword to commit brutal crime, the Washington Post reports.

The sword, which was part of Savvas Savopoulos’s martial arts collection, was found at the scene with what appeared to be blood on it, according to the people. Authorities also found bits of duct tape that police think was used to subdue the victims. Tape remnants were on the body of Savopoulos’s wife, Amy, and on a chair where housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa was found, according to one official familiar with the case. That person said the tape also was stripped across a doggy door that led to the kitchen, keeping the family’s two dogs in the back yard.

Two people “familiar with the investigation” tell the paper investigators are processing hundreds of items as potential evidence in the criminal case against Daron Wint—a former Savopoulos employee whose DNA was reportedly found on a partially eaten pizza crust inside the home.

Wint’s lawyer tells the Post that his client was set up to take the fall, explaining, “The forensics may only suggest my client had a slice of pizza.” He did not, apparently, address blood later found on Wint’s shoe.

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