Photo: AP

So long as Anthony Weiner has an internet connection, the American public will always be reminded from time to time of how cheesy he is.

According to the New York Post, a Republican college student masquerading as a woman named “Nicki” baited Weiner into sending him his number after engaging in some horrible flirting over Twitter. The conversations unfolded while Weiner was in LA where he’d traveled to appear on Bill Maher’s “Real Time.”

The former-Congressman-turned-Carlos-Danger put his comedic chops on autopilot for this one. When “Nikki” joked about having a staff call her Ubers, Weiner responded, “I’m pretty sure there’s a ‘my staff’ joke here.”

Similarly, according to the Post, Weiner repeatedly referred to himself as a “mongoose,” bragging at one point that mongooses are “deceptively strong.”

Eventually the contact came to a close when Weiner sent the student his number and appeared to want to set up a meeting. “I’ll hit that location button thing,” Weiner wrote.

When the Post confronted Weiner about the correspondence, Weiner played it cool, claiming he knew all along that the exchange had been a, “playful joust with an obvious catfish.” (I’m sure there’s a “joust” joke in there somewhere.)

I’d believe Weiner too, if only he’d been funnier.