Photo: Twitter/@Chirperson

On Friday, Capitol Hill police arrested Uber driver Kyler Schmitz over a series of tweets he allegedly sent Missouri Senator Roy Blunt in the wake the Orlando shooting, including a promise to shoot Blunt “in the head” for “allowing someone to murder my loved ones,” NBC News reports.

According to prosecutors, Schmitz admitted to “purposefully” sending the “direct threat.” According to fiancé Paul Cianciolo, the threat wasn’t sent by Schmitz “as a real person” but by the parody persona (apparently @Chirperson) he used on Twitter.

Schmitz may have thought his violent messages constituted an equally outrageous response to congressional inaction after a direct attack on his “family,” but the joke failed to land: On Monday, a judge ordered Schmitz held until further proceedings, saying, “I don’t know how to read these tweets in any way but as threatening.”

And how could he not?