Lanky Aryan Ann Coulter was on TV yesterday smiling gleefully about the fact that her recent column on soccer being a dumb, un-American sport provoked a tidal wave of outraged responses in the media. Her glee is perfectly justified.

Not because soccer is, in fact, a dumb sport—or at least, we'll save that debate for another day. She is right to smile and find enjoyment in the fact that her political opponents were vexed and dismayed over her latest piece of kindergarten writing, and that they spent countless hours putting concerted effort into crafting reasoned, thoughtful responses to her shocking, xenophobic claims. This is what she wanted, because she is a troll.

Ann Coulter is not a "serious" political commentator. Ann Coulter is a troll. To the extent that you take Ann Coulter's words seriously, Ann Coulter wins. You cannot "win" an "argument" against Ann Coulter's "position," because her positions—which are plainly wrong, and which do not require lengthy arguments to refute—exist only to draw attention to Ann Coulter. This is how she eventually makes lots of money selling books and giving speeches to dumb people.

Stop getting angry about Ann Coulter columns. Ann Coulter is a troll.

This has been your periodic reminder that Ann Coulter is a troll.

[Photo: AP]