Damn. High school was hard. Remember having to do math every day? Remember this monolith?

Yeah. The fuckin' TI-83. That shit took up, like, half your backpack! And what if your water bottle spilled on it? Your mom was gonna be so angry. My calc had a sweet translucent green cover, even though I had to take algebra twice so never really graphed anything.

Yeahhhhhh. If you were good at math, you got to use this sweet baby. The TI-83 *plus*. See those rounded buttons? Only for the hands of the mathematically gifted. Sine, cosine. Let's make magic, princess.

Oh shit. Who thought of making it clear? WHICH VP AT TEXAS INSTRUMENTS THOUGHT OF MAKING IT CLEAR? Fucking beautiful machine. Give them a raise. If I could go back in time and hold this calculator in my hands, I would get someone smart to code so many nice cheats into it, and I would pass trigonometry for arts majors.

A pink model, for girls :).

This is the TI-89 Titanium. I guess this is what kids use nowadays. Is that a stock ticker on there? Millennials. Well, math is important, so keep on doing it!