Ah, 1999.

The year everyone went around saying "tonight I'm going to party like it's 1999" and then received a well-deserved punch to the jaw.

A bunch of other things happened, too.

If you don't remember, it's probably because 1999 was 14 years ago and you are an old person.

But fret not! YouTuber ThePeterson's aptly titled "Remember 1999" supercut is sure jog your memory with its catchy compilation of the movies, TV shows, songs, and video games that first appeared in the penultimate year of the 2nd millennium.

And once you've overcome your existential crisis long enough to quit clutching your knees while rocking back and forth in a puddle of your own missed connections, be sure and check out the other two entries in ThePeterson's "Remember" series — 1997 and 2002 — below.

[H/T: MetaFilter]