The Oregon militia standoff continues, technically, as four people continue to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. But despite their best efforts, helpfully documented in a series of idiotic YouTube videos, no one—not even the FBI—really cares anymore.

The occupiers appear to be painfully aware of this, posting video of themselves over the weekend doing donuts in a government vehicle in a desperate plea for attention. Explains one, pointing to a Chevrolet HHR:

You see this PT Cruiser? It’s government. Government PT Cruiser. But you know what? This is now the Harney County Resource Center. I want you to see this—FBI, Feds. It’s the Harney County Resource Center. And you know what? We’re gonna use every resource we have here. And I think we have every right to do that. You know? I’m tired of you guys telling us what we can and can’t do. Fortifying, you say. It’s stupid. Making it illegal to make fortifying for barracks. I can’t believe. It’s an outrage. I’m outraged right now.

So here we are. We’re just cruising along and I want the FBI to see this, you know, I want the FBI to see this. Because this is how I want to say, “Screw you,” piss off your little charges. You see this? It’s a US government vehicle. It’s a US government vehicle and I think I’m gonna take it on a little joy ride. Yeah! I’m gonna start this baby up. Now you got another charge on me, FBI. I am driving your vehicle! You see this? I’m driving your vehicle right now. You gonna put another charge on me, here—here’s another charge for you. Driving a US vehicle without permission.

“Driving a US vehicle without permission” is not a real charge.

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